The Teaching Business and Human Rights Forum is a platform for collaboration among individuals teaching business and human rights worldwide. The Forum seeks to promote and strengthen business and human rights education by fostering collaboration among teachers.
Teaching Business and Human Rights Forum held its 5th Annual Workshop at Columbia University in May 2015.

Teaching Forum - Scholars Association Strategic Partnership
The Teaching Business and Human Rights Forum and the Global Business and Human Rights Scholars Association announce the formation of a strategic partnership.

The partnership is based upon a recognition of natural synergies of mission and substantial overlap in membership of the two initiatives. By forging a strategic partnership, the Teaching Forum and Scholars Association will coordinate activities so as to facilitate the promotion of BHR research and teaching in a complementary fashion, and provide convenience for Forum and Association members.

Coordination between the Teaching Forum and the Scholars Association will be facilitated by:
  • A single calendar with dates for both Scholars Association and Teaching Forum events;
  • A box on the home page of the Global Business and Human Rights Scholars Association website featuring the Teaching Business and Human Rights Forum, with a link to the Teaching Forum's website;
  • A means to join either initiative through the Scholars Association website;
  • As appropriate, Scholars Association events and Teaching Forum events held consecutively in the same location;
  • One individual from each governance board who will serve as a liaison to the other governance board.

NEW! PhD Program List
In response to frequent requests from prospective students seeking PhD programs in Business and Human Rights, the Teaching Forum has compiled this list of PhD study opportunities in the field offered through our members at their institutions. We will be updating this list from time to time.

To add your program to the list, please send the required information to Joanne Bauer at

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November 2016

Forum Discussion Board
The Forum Discussion Board is a moderated, private space for Forum Members to share information, ask questions of Forum Members, post comments, and generally engage in discussion relating to teaching business and human rights.
For more information on how to become a member, click here.
To read the full guidelines for the Forum Discussion Board, click here.

Syllabi Bank
The Forum maintains a password protected Syllabi Bank for business and human rights courses or modules taught by Forum members.

To access the Syllabi Bank, a member must first submit a syllabus for a business and human rights course or module that they have taught or plan to teach. Syllabi should be sent to Joanne Bauer or Anthony Ewing, and identify any co-authors or co-teachers. Individuals submitting a syllabus will receive a passcode to access the Syllabi Bank when their syllabus is posted.

To add, replace, or remove a syllabus, or with questions about the passcode, please contact the Human Rights Institute, Columbia Law School at

Handbook Project
The Teaching Business and Human Rights Handbook Project is a collective effort of the Teaching Business and Human Rights Forum. The Handbook Project grew out of the fourth annual Teaching Business and Human Rights Workshop (May 2014) and is intended to advance business and human rights education by providing teachers an online resource the can use to supplement what they already teach or to help introduce new topics in their courses.

Distinct from a casebook, textbook, or edited volume, the primary audience for the Handbook Project is individuals teaching or planning to teach the subject. The Handbook Project features topical modules following a common template. It will be expanded gradually and updated periodically.